Customer Referrals

These homeowners listed below are all past customers of Keystone Custom Decks. They have consented to serve as referrals, so feel free to contact them to discuss our services, quality of work, or whatever other questions you might have for them that would help you in finding a dependable and skillful deck contractor. If you would like to go too see any of these properties, please contact us and we will contact the homeowner in regards to your request.

Name Area Services Preferred Contact
Randy Glen Mills, PA 900 sq. ft. Timbertech Deck/Porch [email protected]
Dan Devon, PA 1145 sq. ft. Timbertech Deck/Porch [email protected]
Michael West Chester, PA 460 sq. ft. Timbertech Deck/Porch [email protected]
Eric & Kelly Malvern, PA 975 sq. ft. Timbertech Deck/Porch [email protected] | 610-724-2541
Steven Wayne, PA 464 sq. ft. Timbertech Deck [email protected]
Matt Collegeville, PA 525 sq. ft. Timbertech Deck/Porch [email protected]
Jack Phoenixville, PA 281 sq. ft. Timbertech Deck/Porch [email protected]
Scott Harleysville, PA 628 sq. ft. Timbertech Deck/Porch [email protected]
Julie Downingtown, PA 526 sq. ft. Timbertech Deck/Porch [email protected]
Carol Phoenixville, PA 585 sq. ft. Timbertech Deck/Porch [email protected]
Elise Avondale, PA 503 sq. ft. Trex Deck/Porch [email protected]
Steve Lancaster, PA 397 sq. ft. TimberTech Deck [email protected] | 717-682-8492
Andrew Glen Mills, PA 563 sq. ft. TimberTech Deck [email protected] | 610-220-5752
Dave Downingtown, PA 470 sq. ft. TimberTech Deck [email protected]
Les Newtown Square, PA 344 sq. ft. TimberTech Deck [email protected]
Anthony Conshohocken, PA 352 sq. ft. TimberTech Deck 610-223-8991
Jim & Anne Huntingdon Valley, PA 1082 sq. ft. TimberTech Deck/Porch [email protected]
Chuck Blue Bell, PA 1055 sq. ft. TimberTech Deck/Porch [email protected]
Dan Reading, PA 284 sq. ft. TimberTech Deck/Porch [email protected]
Brandi West Chester, PA 553 sq. ft. TimberTech Deck/Porch [email protected]
Kim Hockessin, DE 875 sq. ft. Trex Deck/Porch [email protected]
David Hockessin, DE 710 sq. ft. TimberTech Deck [email protected]
Barbara & Michael Phoenixville, PA 710 sq. ft. TimberTech Deck/Porch [email protected]
Harry Glen Mills, PA 278 sq. ft. Cumaru hardwood Deck [email protected]
Ed Avondale, PA 280 sq. ft. TimberTech Deck [email protected] | 610-207-3697
Christine Pottstown, PA 414 sq. ft. Pressure Treated Deck [email protected]
Patrick Lancaster, PA 693 sq. ft. TimberTech Deck [email protected]
Brian Hummlestown, PA 274 sq. ft. TimberTech Deck [email protected]
Angela West Chester, PA 1,055 sq. ft. TimberTech Deck/Porch [email protected]
Kirk Elizbethtown, PA 174 sq. ft. TimberTech Deck [email protected] | 717-366-4484
Cathy Garnet Valley, PA 404 sq. ft. TimberTech Deck/Porch [email protected]
Dan Glen Mills, PA 345 sq. ft. TimberTech Deck [email protected]
Bill Swarthmore, PA 148 sq. ft. TimberTech Deck [email protected] | 610-251-9116
Tim Malvern, PA 481 sq. ft. TimberTech Deck [email protected] | 484-832-6082
Don & Theresa West Chester, PA 221 sq. ft. TimberTech Deck & Porch [email protected]
Christian Malvern, PA 660 sq. ft. Trex Deck & Porch [email protected] | 507-206-1718
Charles Lancaster, PA 588 sq. ft. TimberTech deck [email protected]
Jean Columbia, PA 681 sq. ft. TimberTech deck & Porch [email protected]
Jane West Chester, PA 1,000 sq. ft. TimberTech deck & Screened Porch [email protected] | 610-937-3134
Patrice Downingtown, PA 683 sq. ft. TimberTech deck & Screened Porch [email protected] | 610-283-1925
Vince Glen Mills, PA 592 sq. ft. Azek deck & Screened Porch [email protected]